About D-Line Cable Safety Products

In recent years it is a fact that personal work spaces and living spaces have both reduced, while at the same time the volume of cables around us, and often under our feet, has increased. The impact of both trends make cable management a critical issue, which requires a pro-active and responsible approach.

When left unchecked, cables can make accidents waiting to happen. They create one of the most common causes of trips and falls, giving rise to often significant compensation awards from cable accidents which sometimes have devastating consequences.

Damaged cables and overloaded socket blocks can create electrical shocks and pose a serious fire risk.

Approximately 3,000 electrical fires occur annually in UK from cables, socket extensions and plugs.

Socket blocks and associated cable clutter can also be impossible to clean around, creating breeding grounds for allergens, an appearance of inefficiency, and a frequent cause of disconnections – and lost productivity, as feet become entangled in cables under desks.

Accidents, injuries and lost productivity from cable hazards are however almost entirely preventable - by using innovative cable safety products which can fit simply around trailing cables and socket blocks.