Cable Tidy Twists

Cable Tidy Twists provide an effective way to gather several cables.

Popular cable organiser applications include fastening cables to uprights, and organising cables when on the move… so saving any need later to sort or untangle the wires.

Choose from 5x alternative sizes according to the diameter required.

These Cable Tidy Twists are easy to lock and unlock, so can be used many times over.
Dimensions CTWST/TL450   11mm Diameter - White (Pack of 100)
CTWST/TL600   15mm Diameter - White (Pack of 100)
CTWST/TL950   22mm Diameter - White (Pack of 100)
CTWST/TL1125   28mm Diameter - White (Pack of 100)
CTWST/TL1375   35mm Diameter - White (Pack of 100)
  • Simply twist & lock to fasten bundles of cables
  • 5x alternative sizes for different cable bundle diameters
  • Multi-purpose for use around offices and workplaces, or in transit
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