Cable Zipper

Simply place the cables in the zip tool, then pull the zip tool down along the length of the Zipper. The cables then transfer from the tool into the length of Zipper, to provide an incredibly quick and easy way to neatly organise several cables.

The cut-outs along the length enable the Zipper to bend in tight radii. The Cable Zipper is a popular solution for residential, industrial and commercial applications.
Dimensions CZ2010B   10m (L) 20mm Diameter - Black
CZ2510B   10m (L) 25mm Diameter - Black
CZ2010W   10m (L) 20mm Diameter - White
CZ2510W   10m (L) 25mm Diameter - White
  • Ideal to conceal & protect longer runs of cables
  • Quick and easy to use - scissor cut to length; insert cables in zip tool;
    put zip tool in to length; pull zip tool along length
  • Flexible design and good resistance to oils/lubricants,
    acids & alkalis - suitable for use around plant and machinery too
  • Zip tool included in pack
  • Operating temperature -30ºC to +85ºC
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