About D-Line Safe-D Clips

Fully tested & certified… Clip & Comply

It is now widely accepted that plastic cable clips or plastic containment systems should never be the sole means of cable support. PVC will typically disintegrate at approximately 160°C, causing cables to drop in fires which will often reach temperatures in range 600-900°C.

In fires, fallen cables can cause horrific fatalities, making ‘impenetrable webs’ that can be death traps.

D-Line Safe-D Clips were the first fire-rated clips that could be installed in non-metallic trunkings.
Produced from non-alloy high temperature steel, D-Line Safe-D Clips are fully tested and certified as capable of supporting cables in temperatures of 970°C for 2 hours, allowing time to evacuate densely populated buildings.

Use with fire-rated fixings such as DeWalt WallDogs, which eliminate need for plastic anchors.

After firstly securing the Safe-D Clips in plastic trunking or direct to surface (ideally at 300mm intervals for horizontal installation, or 400mm vertically) installers simply fold over thumb-friendly tabs to hold the cables.

Safe-D 30

Safe-D 30 Red

Safe-D 40

Safe-D 50