About D-Line Trunking

D-shaped and linear, D-Line is named after the iconic style of our first products. The single-piece design, complementary
accessories and subtle shapes combine so that D-Line cable trunking is ‘quick to install and looks great!’

Compared to channelling walls or lifting floors to contain cables, D-Line appreciate how surface trunking installations can
save huge amounts of time and cost, while minimising inconvenience; and thereafter protect cables for on-going peace of mind.

It follows that D-Line trunking is an inexpensive and practical alternative to either channelling walls or traditional trunking products.

At D-Line we respect also that for I.T. and Datacoms, electrical upgrades, Fire & Security, and many HVAC and Audio Visual projects,
the equipment will often be the most costly expenditure, but, for a surface installation, the trunking will usually be the most
conspicuous element!…

D-Line enables a quality of finish to complement the interior design of modern spaces, in stylish ways that are obvious
to all stakeholders. As often said using D-Line cable trunking 'cables seem to disappear' and 'the finishing touch of a D-Line cable management installation makes a lasting impression.'

Choose from eight profiles according to the volume of cables to be contained - allowing 45% of space for air circulation.
A choice of colours and full ranges of accessories are available also.

½ Round Cable Trunking

¼ Round Cable Trunking


Trunking Accessories/Surface Boxes